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Zimbabwe is known for its dramatic landscapes, erosive rock formations, with high grass areas, forests, and lakes. This is a semi-desert land with diverse wildlife, birdlife much of which are found in beautiful national parks and reserves.

Victoria Falls is known to the local Kololo tribe as Mosi oa Tunya; a spectacle and one of seven natural wonders of the world. The falls form the perfect veil at 7.8 metres wide, 108 metres high; a perfect cushion for adrenalin charged water-rafting activities. The mere mist from the thundering falls sustains the biodiversity around. Soak in the natural wonder be it from the bird’s eye view heli-flip, bungi-jumping off the Victoria Falls Bridge, or a leisurely hike – just some options for you connect to the falls.

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Hwange is Zimbabwe’s largest national park, the only protected area where some of the world’s endangered animals are still seen in large numbers – gemsbok, brown hyena. The park is a haven for wildlife, home to vast herds of elephants, buffalo, zebra and a large concentration of giraffes – the supermodels of the wildlife! The expansive Zambezi River cuts through this magnificent park, attracting spectacular birdlife, especially in wet season where up to 400 species can be spotted.

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