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Namibia is a vast place of awe-inspiring contrasts, a natural canvas with the oldest desert.

The Namib Desert over 80 million years old; claims to have the highest sand dune in the world, where the sands seem to run forever. Also said to have the world’s largest non-subglacial underground lake discovered in 1986 in the mystical Dragon’s Breath Cave, which can only be accessed by professionals because of its intricate structure.

Discover 80 million years old

Wildlife is a picturesque spectacle. The world’s largest concentration of free roaming cheetahs is found in Namibia. Visit Etosha National Park which is the best place to spot the speed-charged creatures in a pose atop a termite mound, on a lone tree or straddling the sand. Namibia has a sub-tropical desert climate, a sparsely populated country with strikingly varied cultures, making it an easy place to go for adrenalin inducing activities or escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life.