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Mozambique is one of the most distilled destinations in Southern Africa that boasts the longest section of the Indian Ocean coastline in Africa; its beauty is unrivalled and understated.

The tranquil Indigo blue clear waters and white sand beaches, reefs that are mostly untouched, coupled with the enchanting bush surrounding – a perfect backdrop to unwind and rejuvenate! This destination is blessed with the most perfectly warm sun-kissed climate throughout the year.

There are seasonal rains, these last for a short period.


You will find some of the most unique marine creatures such as the fascinating endangered Dugongs also known as “sea cows”. These marine mammals are directly related to the elephant (a land mammal) and spend most of their time searching for their favourite food, sea-grass. For a contrasting experience, venture to the Mozambique Island, a major historical and cultural attraction reflecting indigenous African culture and architecture as well as Arab and Portuguese influences

Discover True Beauty

Explore the pristine heritage sites like Ilha Island which boasts 200 years of history on a spectacular peninsula, also once the country’s capital and the only World Heritage Site in Mozambique. This remote and unique destination is in Mozambique Island, accessible by road and water.  Table on the sand, beach dining, exotic seafood cuisine indulgence, the order of the day! You have not touched the soul of Mozambique until you see and feel Maputo. Get to choose your fresh catch and have a masterclass moment as it is carefully prepared for you by skillful staff. Coddle your soul with the subtleness of barefoot luxury in Mozambique!