Zambia is sometimes referred to as Africa’s best-kept secret by safari aficionados; full of diversity, fascinating wilderness – a landlocked country with three great rivers flowing through it; and offers more water sources than elsewhere in Africa. The iconic Victoria Falls transforms the face of the country. Thrill-seekers can raft the Zambezi River, bungee jump or swim in a natural rock pool right at the edge. There is a myriad of lakes punctuated all over, including Lake Kariba (man-made); numerous national parks, majority of which are protected and unknown.

This combination defines the geography of Zambia and the rhythm of life for its people, whilst making it a unique destination for a wildlife escapade. National Parks tend to have an unusual large water element of which the Zambezi River features significantly, where leopards thrive, as do lions, elephants and other big game species including black rhinos. If it is a taste for culture you crave for – yours too will be the most satisfying journey as locals share their hospitality and showcase their land in the most friendly and generous manner not easily matched elsewhere in Africa!

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“Africa cleanses and replenishes the soul’’