An uncovered secret of Africa, with a rich biodiversity and culture; Madagascar is all encompassing in its beautiful landscapes, unique and exotic wildlife, long coastlines with the whitest sand beaches your feet will ever touch!

A variety of mammals including the charming Lemurs with 100 species unique to the island; half its birdlife and many of its plant-seeds are found nowhere else on earth.

Madagascar is situated off the east coast of Africa, separated from mainland by the Mozambique Channel, making it an isolated destination with the last untouched forest in the world.

The very place where the greatest phenomenon occurs – wildebeest, zebras migrate on an annual basis, a hub of life in the wild Tanzania!

Every species of wildlife in East Africa is said to live in Ngorongoro Crater, where waking up to a call by rousing birds is common.

Which other country in the world do you go to sleep to roaring lions one night, wake up to the calm of waves and some snorkelling in a remote island the next day?

Romance is part of the air in Zanzibar, an archipelago comprising of some exquisite islands to choose from; Mnemba or Pemba – a place to dust off the excitement of the bush, with some a stroll on white sandy beaches, some sumptuous sea-food and cocktails, whilst taking it all in before you head back home fulfilled.

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“Africa cleanses and replenishes the soul’’