‘Africa… a continent of wonders and wanderers’, soul-rich splendour to leave you in awe of nature!

One touch of Africa, and your soul is reignited with her varying landscapes, roaming wildlife, and colourful rich culture. Explore Africa with us, and experience her natural magnificence, huge clouds, endless plains; where vast lands run forever, and her people’s heartbeat can be heard and felt with each touch and smell.

Whether it is South Africa, Botswana, Mozambique, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Madagascar you select; you are guaranteed a unique experience carved in your soul for a lifetime. Africa has the most varied and most beautiful animal inhabitants in the world these include Meerkat, crocodiles, not to mention hippopotamus. What would a safari encounter be without any mention of our magnificent big 5!

Nature has not only bestowed its beauty on Africa, this is the place with the most vast land surface, home to the biggest Desert (Sahara); the largest waterfall in the world Mosi oa Tunya (Victoria Falls); the highest sand dune on earth (Sossusvlei); San Rock Art dotted in numerous parts of Southern Africa; to mention but a few treasures of Africa.

As if that is not enough, nowhere in the world can one experience a climate so perfect, so warm and pleasant most days of the year; and people so warm and so beautiful!

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“Africa cleanses and replenishes the soul’’